Aura Pool Services

Aura Pool Services are trained professionals providing swimming pool solutions for residential and commercial properties throughout the Sunshine Coast.

If you need weekly, fortnightly or monthly pool cleaning or an equipment check, we have the training, the tools, and the know-how to handle any need that may arise. We free you up so you can enjoy your pool!

Pool fence inspections will keep your children safe and give you peace of mind. Aura Pool Services provide a pre-inspection checklist which means you can get everything ready for your inspection.

We provide a pool safety certificate which ensures you tick all the boxes as far as government regulations and compliance go.

Regular swimming pool cleaning by a trained technician will ensure that the chemical balance of your pool remains safe and hygienic at all times, protecting you and your family from the buildup of harsh chemicals, and eliminating disease causing agents.

We Provide

  • Pool safety checklist
  • Pool safety inspections
  • Pool safety certificates
  • Swimming pool cleaning
  • Commercial pool maintenance
  • Residential pool maintenance
  • Pool chemical supplies
  • Green pool restoration
  • New Pool equipment
  • Pool equipment maintenance
  • Pool equipment repairs
  • Pool fence inspections

Our team will ensure that only the highest quality chemicals and treatments are applied to your pool in precisely the right quantities, before you experience a problem with your pool.

If your pool has suffered from inattention, it is possible that harmful algae and bacteria have built up beyond safe levels. You may even have a “green pool”. We are experts in returning the pool to tip-top shape in a minimum amount of time, so you can enjoy your pool with peace of mind

FREE E-book

An all round guide to pool safety. Keep you and your kids safe and enjoy your pool with peace of mind.

Pool safety is not just about fences and certificates…

360 degree pool safety covers all aspects of pool safety:

  • Pool safety checklist
  • Safe use and storage of chemicals
  • Water quality assessment – protect your children’s skin
  • Programmed pool maintenance schedule

Aura Pool Services are trusted pool professionals. We maintain a strong dedication to our customers, which has helped us establish a reputation that is second to none in the swimming pool industry. Our success is firmly rooted in our belief that providing exceptional service is our number one priority.

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“Thanks to Aura Pool Services we have had some fantastic family weekends in and around our swimming pool. We have found their service first class and very thorough. To have Aura Pool Services visit us on a regular basis gives us the peace of mind that our pool equipment and pool safety is in the best hands.”
G and J Diggles
“When we purchased our house we knew nothing about maintaining a pool, we had always wanted our own pool especially for the kids. A friend of ours mentioned Aura Pool Services and said they had been happy using them in the past. We gave them a call and have not looked back. Every question we had was answered fully and now Aura are regular visitors.”
J and A Sparks
“We have been using pool cleaning companies for a good while now with varying degrees of satisfaction. We can honestly say that since we employed Aura Pool Services to regularly look after our pool we haven’t had a problem. Apart from being on time we have found them to be very thorough and at the same time very friendly. What more can you ask.”
M and N Holder
“Having a pool in your back yard sounded a great idea we spent a lot of time keeping it clean and looking inviting. But after us both being at work all week, come the weekend we just wanted to enjoy it, not clean it. That’s where Aura came in, they do it all and very professionally, best thing we did employing Aura Pool Services.”
K Morris