Project Description

Pool Safety Pre-inspection Checklist

We want your pool to obtain a Pool Safety Certificate on the first inspection. To assist with that please go through the checklist to ensure that:

  • Minimum fence height 1200mm.
  • Maximum allowable gap under any fence is 100mm.
  • Gaps in vertical members must not exceed 100mm.
  • Climbable objects must be at least 900mm away from the pool fence on the outside and 300mm on the inside.
  • In addition, no objects (taps, door sills, branches etc) can be so close as to reduce the minimum 1200mm fence height.
  • Pool gates must open away from the pool and be self-closing and latching from all positions.
  • Latches on the outside of the gate must be at least 1500mm high from the ground and 1400mm from the top of the highest bottom horizontal member.
  • Pool gate hinges must be at least 900mm apart or the lower hinge must have a safety cap to prevent climbing.
  • No doors from the house can open directly onto the pool area.
  • Any windows opening onto the pool area must not open more than 100mm or must be security screened.
  • A current CPR sign (at least 300mm x 300mm in size) must be displayed and be clearly visible.
  • This list is a guide only – but it does cover what we have found to be the most common faults and reasons why a pool has not passed on the first inspection

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