Project Description

Green Pool Restoration

It’s never fun to wake up one morning, take a look at your swimming pool and see that the water has turned green and swampy, and this could literally happen overnight. This means algae has temporarily taken over, and you’ll need to thoroughly clean and treat your pool before you can start swimming again. There are numerous health hazards associated with green pools, algae and bacteria has basically taken over and has claimed your pool. Proper pool maintenance, including having working filters and making sure your pool’s chlorine and pH levels remain steady, can prevent algae from growing in the first place.

Algae is constantly growing, so letting your pool sit without maintenance for even a few extra days could create a green pool water situation.

Once proper chemical balance has been achieved (with a green pool this could take up to 3 visits), we then follow the regular service procedures of:

  • Emptying and cleaning baskets
  • Skimming the pool by net to remove surface debris
  • Checking the operation of equipment again
  • Vacuuming and back washing for sand filter pools
  • Backwash if sand filter
  • Filter clean if cartridge filter
  • Complete rinse of pool plumbing system
  • Checking your automatic cleaning system if applicable
  • Test chemical levels again
  • Balancing the chemicals and adding what is required (any chemicals added not included in price)
  • Brushing the sides and steps of the pool

Price of green pool restoration will be determined by number of visits and time on site, all chemicals used for the restoration will be charged accordingly