Pool Safety Pre-inspection Checklist

Pool Safety Pre-inspection Checklist We want your pool to obtain a Pool Safety Certificate on the first inspection. To assist with that please go through the checklist to ensure that: Minimum fence height 1200mm. Maximum allowable gap under any fence is 100mm. Gaps in vertical members must not exceed 100mm. Climbable objects must be [...]


Equipment Failure / Troubleshooting your pool

Equipment Failure / Troubleshooting For a swimming pool to run cost efficiently and primarily with health and safety in mind there has to be complete filtration of the water in the pool. Clean, clear looking water can give the impression that everything is okay, however algae is growing constantly and stagnant, still water that [...]


Chemical analysis

Chemical analysis Owning a swimming pool is an investment in your lifestyle, however maintaining pool equipment and balancing water chemistry can prove to be time consuming. Aura Pool Services can relieve you of these time consuming tasks by satisfying all of your swimming pool cleaning and maintenance requirements Do not add any chemicals to [...]