Pool Fence Inspection

Pool fence inspection is mandatory to prevent accidents, particularly if small children are involved. Checklist for compliance with QLD government regulations may be found at http://www.qbcc.qld.gov.au/home-building-owners/pool-safety/pool-compliance-checklist  You can visit this website to determine whether your pool meets the latest standards and regulations in Queensland.

Check whether the pool fence prevents small children from entering the pool:

  • Pool fence should be at least 1200 mm high from a solid ground surface
  • Space between the highest and the lowest horizontal rails should be 900 mm
  • Boundary fence is at least 1800 mm
  • Gap under the fence isn’t longer than 100 mm
  • Spacing between vertical rails isn’t bigger than 100 mm
  • There are no sharp edges, projections, or similar hazards around
  • Get a pool fence inspection from a qualified expert

Check the pool gate:

  • It should swing outwards only
  • Gap under the gate isn’t higher than 100 mm
  • Has a self-closing device
  • Can’t be locked in an open position
  • Gap between the post and the latching side of the gate isn’t bigger than 10 mm
  • Latch is minimum 1500 mm above the ground

Fence and gates must be in good condition to be effective:

  • All fittings and fixtures are tight and secure
  • Welds on panels are secure, unbroken and free from corrosion
  • Posts and gates are solid and free from excessive corrosion
  • Footings and posts are firm, not removable
  • Perform your own pool fence inspection frequently

Pool surroundings:

  • A resuscitation sign is displayed inside the pool area and is clearly visible from all parts of the pool and not fitted to the lower part of the pool fence creating a climbing hazard with the top surface of the sign being less than 1200mm from the ground
  • Chemicals, chairs and toys are stored in a safe area and away from pool fence
  • Barbeques, clothes, trees, and shrubs aren’t near water.
  • You need to conduct your own regular pool fence inspection

Hints and tips for keeping fences and access safe

  • Ensure there are no area around the fence that children could use to climb over
  • Fence should be rigorously constructed and in good condition
  • Check any windows that could allow a child to go from your house directly into the pool area
  • Secure the window permanently so that it can never be opened any further than 100mm
  • Installing window locks is not acceptable as they can be easily left unlocked
  • If the internal height of your window is more than 900mm, the window can be secured with a fixed security screen NOT flyscreen
  • Optimize the space, establish a perfect balance between pool area and area for relaxation or barbeque in the backyard
  • You must have sufficient access to and around the pool


  • Pool fence inspection is mandatory
  • For a complete checklist of requirements go to the QBC website
  • Pool fences must prevent small children from entering the pool
  • Pool gates must be self-closing
  • Pool gate must be checked regularly to ensure it is operating properly
  • Remove objects that allow climbing over  the fence
  • Display resuscitation signage prominently