Schedule your routine swimming pool maintenance in the Sunshine Coast with the area’s leader, Aura Pool Cleaning. The family owned and run business provides a variety of services to commercial and residential customers using the top brand products in the industry. The company’s longstanding relationship with AstraPool gives Aura Pool Cleaning the ability to provide a wide variety of pumps, chlorinators, filters, and chemicals to its customers all at outstanding prices.

Routine swimming pool maintenance on your Sunshine Coast property is necessary to protect your investment. Aura Pool Cleaning can schedule cleaning on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly basis. The pool will be vacuumed, the baskets emptied and cleaned, the filters cleaned, and much more. The highly trained personnel at Aura Pool Cleaning can also test chemical levels in the water and adjust those levels if needed. Having the maintenance done regularly helps to protect against the infestation of algae and other bacteria in your pool water.

Aura Pool Cleaning can also perform routine chemical analysis and equipment repair. Large commercial pools need to be tested more often and need their equipment checked more often. The company can provides those services. If algae has overtaken a pool, Aura Pool Cleaning can also correct any green pool problems.

Customers continue to find that Aura Pool Cleaning is a truly professional company to deal with. For more information regarding swimming pool maintenance in the Sunshine Coast, visit Aura Pool Cleaning online at or call directly at 0422 882 292.